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Sports Funding

Evaluating the School’s Use of the New Primary School Sport Funding

Schools receive government funding to improve primary schools delivery of Physical Education (PE) and Sports.

Sports Profile

One of our teachers at Bishops Down School is our PE Coordinator and leads PE and sport across the school.  The PE Coordinator will develop the subject, improve teaching knowledge and confidence, look at extracurricular sport development and be involved in tournament preparation.

We have continued our involvement in a large variety of Inter School competitions covering a range of sports across Key Stage 2 (hockey, netball, girls’ football, boys’ football, winter athletics, basketball, skiing, athletics, tennis, cricket and cross country, Boccia, Dancefest, tag rugby, cyclefest and swimming). Match reports and team results are reported in our school newsletter, website and in celebration assembly.  We currently offer afterschool clubs, morning clubs and lunchtime clubs in a variety of sports. Bishops Down is extremely proud that we involve a wide variety of people in delivering these clubs. We currently use the expertise of 2 professional pay for coaches, teaching assistants, teachers, parents and governors.


We have Sports Mark Gold. We are creating a sustainable sport and PE programme by involving a wider number of staff in clubs and tournaments. It has been an exciting year of sport. We have entered a record number of children and teams this year. This year we have been able to increase the number of teams and the number of tournaments we entered.  We entered the following sports festivals and tournaments:

Winter Athletics Yrs 3-4 and Yrs 5-6
Hockey Yrs 3-4 and Yrs 5-6
Tag Rugby
Swimming Gala
Pentathlon Yrs 3-4 and Yrs 5-6
Football League
Netball League
ESFA FootballTtournament girls and boys
TWPSSA Football Tournament girls and boys
Borderers Mixed Cricket Yrs 5-6 and Yrs 3-4 (cancelled due to weather)
TWPSSA Mixed Cricket
Girls only Cricket
Cross Country League

We have improved in every sport this year, below is a list of the sports we achieved 3rd place or above:

Swimming Gala - 1st place
Rugby - 1st place plate
Football League - 1st place
Boccia Team - qualified for county finals
Basketball - semifinals
Athletics Yrs 5-6 - silver medals
Skiing - Silver and Bronze
Athletics Yrs 3-4 - bronze medals
Winter Athletics Yrs 3-4 - bronze medals
Girls Cricket - bronze medals

The school received a certificate, we were awarded runner up for the most improved school offering outstanding PE and school sport.

Please click on the link below to find out how we have spent our sports funding so far and what we intend to spend it on in future.

Funding 2020/21

Funding 2019/20

Funding 2018/19

Funding 2017/18

Funding 2016/17

Funding 2015/16

Swimming information

2016-2017  95% of children could swim 25m and complete water safety by the end of Year 6.

2017-2018 97.7% of children could swim 25m and complete water safety by the end of year 6 and we have 97% of year 6 children swimming all 3 recognisable strokes (breast, back and front)


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