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Our Staff

From September 2023

Senior Leadership
Interim Executive Headteacher Mrs Julie Burton (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Acting Headteacher Mrs Rebecca Bettles (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Acting Headteacher Mrs Emily Lightbody (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Teachers:  Mrs Diane Tizzard

Teaching Assistants: Miss Lucy Monk, Miss Becky Dunmall, Mrs Stella Owusu-Ansah


Teacher:  Miss Megan Skipper

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Maria Mandia & Mrs Beth Leong

Year 1

Teacher:  Mrs Alison Wilmshurst & Miss Gabrielle Ashford

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Lindsay Sarjeant

Year 2

Teacher:  Mrs Eleanor Parks

Teaching Assistant: Miss Carrie Parsons, Mrs Anna O'Leary, Miss Gill Priddy, Mrs Margaret H. Williams & Mrs Karen Gillham

Year 3

Teacher:  Miss Sarah Archer

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Aurora Gani, Mrs Louise Seale & Mrs Denisa Romand

Year 4

Teacher:  Mr Andrew Milne (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) and Miss Gabrielle Ashford (Thursday)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Liz Byrne, Mrs Margaret H. Williams, Mrs Jan Cockburn & Mrs Naomi Wood-Lynch

Year 5

Teachers:  Mrs Elizabeth Morgan

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Sue Lester, Mrs Vanessa Ahmed & Mrs Tiffany Fung

Year 6

Teacher:  Miss Imogen Barker

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Laurel Gardner

Other Teaching, Administrative and Site Staff
Senco Miss Collette Rainbow (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
SRP Lead Teacher Mrs Laura Fowler
Office Manager / Admissions 
Mrs Jo Sheldon
Finance Officer Mrs Alison Johnston
School Secretaries

Mrs Karen Miller & Miss Catherine Nolan

Family Support Worker/Family Support Mrs Ellen Stock
Forest School Teacher Mrs Tara Bell
HLTA Mrs Juliet Silburn
Midday Supervisors Miss Catherine Nolan, Miss Deena Noremac & Miss Emma Thomson
Site Manager Mr Adrian Beaton
Beehive Manager / Beehive  Mrs Claire Richardson (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Beehive Finance Assistant Mrs Julia Brotherwood

“There are no employees at Bishops Down Primary & Nursery School that earn in excess

of £100,000 per annum”

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