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Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Vision

In the Early Years at Bishops Down we believe in providing children with a safe and stimulating environment where every child will flourish and reach their full potential. We ensure every child has a voice and strive to make sure learning is tailored to individual children; maximising engagement and therefore attainment. We understand the importance of practical learning experiences and strive to equip children with a love of learning and a natural curiosity. We are fully committed to giving our children the best possible start to their school life; teaching skills which ensure their well-being now and success in the future.

Through heavy focus on the Characteristics of Effective Learning, all the children begin to embed the school’s values – ASPIRE.

How do we achieve this in EYFS at Bishops Down?

Achievement–There are high expectations of all children. Children are encouraged to challenge their own learning. Through skilful scaffolding and questioning every learning opportunity is maximised.

Self-belief – Children are supported to be confident and resilient learners. Children’s well-being is fundamental to their success.

Perseverance – Children are aware mistakes help us learn. An ethos of ‘give it a go’ is created and celebrated. Children are taught various strategies and alternative ways of achieving an end result.

Independence – The indoor and outdoor environment is carefully set up and resourced to ensure children can truly lead their own learning. Children can self-access the resources inside and out.

Respect – There is a heavy focus placed on PSED, Children are encouraged to embrace ad understand differences. We follow an enrichment plan to ensure children celebrate and explore various festivals and cultures.

Equality – The Early Years at Bishops Down is truly inclusive. Children are aware that all children are unique, this is celebrated in our displays. Each child’s work is celebrated and we encourage the children to be the best they can be! We focus on process over outcome, whilst promoting and supporting children to reach their full potential.

At the end of the Foundation stage the children are ready for the next stage in their learning. Rules and routines of school life are embedded and the children feel safe and secure within the school environment. The children have a passion and love of learning and the confidence and resilience to succeed.


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