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Children today need to be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow – at Bishops Down we believe that engaging practical science lessons throughout primary school will help achieve this.

In year 1 children will use their Woodland Explorers sessions to cover the key objectives of the Science National Curriculum. From Years 1 to Year 6 the children will follow the Andrew Berry Kent Scheme. Children will cover a range of engaging topics termly to ensure progression of key concepts and skills and allowing children to develop their scientific knowledge and vocabulary.


In KS1 the topics covered include Seasonal Change, Living Things and their Habitats, Everyday Materials and Animals.

In KS2 the children will cover Forces and Magnets, Light, Rocks, Sound, Electricity and Earth and Space.

Science is the highlight of the week for lots of children with engaging experiments, hands on learning and a real focus on developing children’s ability to work scientifically. Children have the opportunity to predict, plan experiments, record their findings and draw conclusions from their own investigations.

Why learn science? It enables us to ask questions and answer questions about how the world works, it helps children to develop their problem solving skills, allows an awareness of technology and gives children the knowledge to protect and conserve the world around them.








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