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Recent Letters Sent Home



This section will not include sport match letters or tournament letters as the information within can change (times, venue, cancellations etc.) and we feel this could be misleading.  Most sport events are by invitation only.  Please enquire at the office for clarification on sporting events.

July 2020

Whole School - Coronavirus Leaflet - advice for parnets and carers

June 2020

Whole School - Change to Y6 Bubbles and End of Year arrangements

Year 2 - Microsoft Teams Meeting

How to access a Teams Meeting

Rules for children accessing Teams

Year 5 - Microsoft Teams Meeting

Year 5 - Process for Secondary School and Kent Test (11+) - June 2020

Update from KCC

May 2020

Year N, R, 1 and 6 - Parent Guide for return to school

Year 2, 3, 4 and 6 - Key Worker Parent Guide for return to school

Whole School - Children's Guide for return to school



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