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Recent Letters Sent Home

This section will not include sport match letters or tournament letters as the information within can change (times, venue, cancellations etc.) and we feel this could be misleading.  Most sport events are by invitation only.  Please enquire at the office for clarification on sporting events.


May 2023

Year 3 and 4 - Class to trip to Museum of Kent Life - 12th June

Year R to 6 - PE Bags - how to purchase

Year 5 and 6 - David Walliams at Assembly Hall 16th May

Whole School - Mini Marathon on 12th May

Year 4 - Invite only - Mixed Cricket Tournament, Neville Ground 11th May

April 2023

Whole School - PSA Royal Portraits instructions

March 2023

Year 3 - Swimming Lessons in Term 5

Year 5 - Forest School Information for Term 5

Whole School - Lots of Socks Day for Down Syndrome Day - 21.3.23

Year 1 - Trip to Amelia Centre on 21st March

Whole School - Household Support Fund letter

Household suppport fund information

Household support fund energy information

Whole School - Parent Consultations on 22nd and 23rd March

Video Appointments for Parent: - How to attend appointments over video call

Whole School - Safety Update re Walking to and from School

Year 6 - Safety in Action on 24th April, 2023

Whole School - PSA Volunteers Needed

Nursery - Trip to Hurst Wood in March

February 2023

Year 5 - Survival Camp Out Information for July

Year 1 - New Reading Programme

Whole School - World Book Day - Change of Day for Dress Up

Parent Reps - Meeting on Wed, 22nd Feb 2023

Year 4 - Forest School information for Term 4



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