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Music has the power to bring people together!

Music is an integral part of Bishops Down and we really believe that learning music facilitates learning other subjects and enhances skills that children inevitably use in other areas. At Bishops Down we offer a variety of musical opportunities…

KS2 Choir are currently practicing repertoire for Young Voices, the largest choir in the world at the 02 London Arena, they will be performing The Assembly Halls (our local theatre) in March and are in demand for Christmas performances, including the local shopping centre ‘Royal Victoria Place’. Our brand new clubs - Steel Pans and String Orchestra, are sounding absolutely fantastic and the school eagerly awaits their first live performance!

Every class receives music sessions within their independent learning sessions across a term, which covers the breadth of the national curriculum. Additionally, within the classroom, Year 3 is currently being taught recorders, Year 4 is being taught ukuleles and Year 5 is being taught keyboards as discrete sessions.

Each year Christmas slowly creeps upon and we wait in anticipation to what what productions lie in store! Each year we enjoy a very musical and magical Christmas!



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