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Maths at Bishops Down Primary school is designed to ensure that every child reaches their full potential, and is pushed to achieve the highest that they can.  We foster a growth mindset, meaning that, with perseverance, self-belief and positive attitude, everybody is capable at achieving highly in maths. We work hard as a team to help develop independent, resilient mathematicians. Our curriculum has been designed with mastery in mind for every pupil, in our lesson you will find an example of fluency, reasoning (written or verbal) and problem solving.  Every child will have the opportunity to access all three of these areas in each lesson.

During our maths lessons, we use a mixture of concreate (physical objects), pictorial and abstract (written) methods to help children access their learning. As well as this, teachers aim to give immediate feedback in the lesson to ensure that any misconceptions are quickly addressed and to ensure children are moved onto tasks to deepen their understanding.

Fluent in 5

Across KS2 we complete a Fluent in 5 sheet every day. 5 days, 5 questions and 5 minutes to complete it in.  These will be marked in class; any mistakes or misconceptions will be addressed as quickly as possible.  This will help to build up each classes arithmetic skills, which will support them when accessing problem solving and reasoning questions.  In KS1 this will be done using White Rose Hub’s resources called Flash Back 4, which is at a more appropriate level.

Big Maths Beat That

Each child in KS1 will be given a Big Maths Beat That sheet for homework. They will have a set amount of time on a Monday to complete this and then take it home and practice.  On Friday, they will be given the same sheet again to see if they can beat their score and their time.  Big Maths Beat That helps them to improve their fluency with basic arithmetic question, this will then help them to access all areas of the maths curriculum.

Times Table Rock Stars

Each child in KS2 is given their own personal login and can create their own avatar.   Having a quick and fluent understanding of their Time Table facts helps children to access all areas of the maths curriculum.  Times tables will be set each week to be completed by the following Monday, as homework.

Year 4 Times Table Check

As of the academic year 2019-2020 the Government are introducing a national Times Table check. All children in year 4 will be required to sit a test which will test their multiplication and division skills. In school, we will be doing everything we can to support each child with this, however, this can also be easily supported at home.  Why not try some of the following ideas:

• Times Table Hopscotch
• Times table with a pack of cards
• Rote learning in the car
• Finding rhymes to help remember harder ones;

Finding rhymes to help remember harder ones; e.g. Two fat men ate and ate until they were sick on the floor, therefore 8x8 is 64.

White Rose Scheme of Learning

As a school we follow the White Rose Scheme of Learning. This helps support the mastery approach to maths and include and steady build-up of fluency, reasoning and problem solving.  The scheme of learning helps to break down each National Curriculum objective into smaller steps, ensuring that children have a deep understanding of maths within that area.
There is an overview for each scheme of learning for each year group on the White Rose Website.  If you would like to know what topics in Maths your child is studying this term, please consult the Topic Webs on the year groups webpage.


Here are a list of recommended maths websites you may wish to try with your children:-

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