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Personal, Social & Health Education and Relationship & Sex Education (as of February 2020)

Due to the Government changes in the teaching of Relationships and Health Education a lot of work has been going on in replacing what we currently deliver at Bishops Down. The Department for Education has broken this down into 13 different categories which include Mental Wellbeing, Respectful Relationships, Internet Safety, Harms and Online Relationships.

As a school we have a strong belief in the importance of PSHE and RSE and the vital role it plays in helping children to become happy and successful adults. Moving forward we will be using a programme of study called SCARF.  The coverage over the course of the Year will look like the attached.

This will be rolled towards the end of academic year 2019/20. Year 5 and 6 will be covering the Growing and Changing unit and the Healthy Relationships unit during terms 5 and 6 2020 and the rest of the school will be starting the whole set of units from September 2020 in academic year 2020/21.

A leaflet going into a little more depth on each unit for year groups will be coming out in due course making sure that all parents are informed as to what is being taught to your child, as well as a forum for parents to ask any questions about the new curriculum later on in the school academic year. 

We are really pleased with this resource that we have found and believe that it will help the whole school community to embrace the many changes.

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