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Physical Education

At Bishops Down School we are committed to providing children with good quality inclusive PE. This has been rewarded in Bishops Down achieving Sports Mark Gold for two years running. We prepare children with a foundation of skills including jumping, travelling, balancing and coordination that will equip them to play a variety of different sports into secondary school and adult life.  Over their time at primary school children will be taught a variety of invasion games, striking and fielding, athletics, swimming, dance and net and wall games. 

We also believe that extracurricular sport and competitive tournaments are an important part of primary school sport therefore offer a wide range of afterschool, morning and lunchtime clubs in a variety of sports across the school year.  We also take part competitively in hockey, netball, girls football, boys football, winter athletics, basketball, Skiing, summer athletics, tennis, tri-golf, boccia, cricket and cross country.

We believe that PE contributes to

  • Development of motor skills and physical dexterity
  • Understanding rules, following and implementing rules
  • Development of leadership skills and working within a team
  • Development of problem-solving in practical situations and independent learning and  developing and using strategies
  • Development of the child’s creativity and imagination
  • Improved behaviour - promotes fair play and respect
  • Developing empathy and understanding
  • Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Providing children with the opportunity to be courageous, determined, inclusive, inspirational and challenged
  • Opportunities to play competitively and represent the school.



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