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Welcome to Bishops Down Primary & Nursery School

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New Headteacher

We are thrilled to announce our new Headteacher Laura Johnson will be joining us in April 2024. Laura comes to us with a wealth of experience and a passion for education that aligns seamlessly with Bishop Down's values and goals for our pupils. Join us in welcoming Laura to the Bishops Down community!


‘Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow’

Our vision is that Bishops Down will be:
A community which develops life-long learners who are confident to flourish in an ever changing world.  
The aim at Bishops Down Primary and Nursery School is to provide opportunities for children to develop as independent, confident, successful learners with high aspirations who know how to make a positive contribution to their community and the wider society. Bishops Down strives to grow leaders of the future who have a strong moral, spiritual, social and cultural understanding. 
Our curriculum will be underpinned by the school’s curriculum intent as well as our school values (Achievement, Self-Belief, Perseverance, Independence, Resilience and Equality – ASPIRE).
Achievement in personal goals and academic attainment
Self-belief, to be confident in different situations
Perseverance, to be resilient in times of change
Independence, to be a life- long learner
Respect for each other and the world around them
Equality for all

Term 4, 2024

Term 3, 2024

Wear What you Love

The PSA had a fundraiser on the last day of term called "Wear What you Love".  Children were able to come to school in their own clothes (anything and everything was acceptable!")  to help fundraise for the school.  Thanks PSA.


All in Club

All in Club celebrated with a treat to Temper Temper in Tunbridge Wells on the last day of term 3.  Chocolate making seems very popular with this young crowd!  Our thanks to our staff who ensure this club continues to thrive.

SEND and Social Support Festival

On Tuesday, 23rd January, selected children from Bishops Down attended the SEND and Social Support Festival at Tonbridge School Sports Centre.  The event was a fabulous opportunity for the children to represent the school and supports children to develop their social interaction skills, coordination and physical abilities, problem solving and team work in a fun environment.  The children had a great time and were "buzzing" when they came back to school.  Well done team! 


Spring Terms 3 & 4, are full of great Class Topics for the children to engage in, including:  Marvellous Machines, Big City, Coastlines, Rocks & Relics, Winding River & Misty Mountain, Sow, Grow & Farm and Frozen Kingdom.   We are awaiting great displays from each class and hearing all about these wonderful topics.

We welcome new children in our Nursery School and some In Year Admissions too.  

Term 2 - 2023

Christmas Performances

Well done to all the children, from all our classes, for their memorable Christmas Performances.  Parents and family were entertained and you all did such a wonderful job. 

Merry Christmas to all our children, their families, staff and stakeholders.  See you in 2024!!


Cooking Club

All the children involved in our new Cooking Club have been learning new skills.   Top of the list for yummyness this term has to go the their delicious brownies - the aroma around the school made us all hungry!

Term 2 is such an exciting term - lots of end of term productions, PSA Fair, Christmas Dinner day, Christmas Jumper day!   Children are now in their winter uniforms and, as expected, coats and gloves are now a must!   We are all looking forward to the festivities which are just around the corner.   End of term is Friday, 15th December.

Term 1 - 2023

Wonderdome Mobile Planetarium

On Wednesday 11th October year 2 and year 5 were visited by the Wonderdome Mobile Planetarium!  This was a fantastic immersive experience for the children which supported their topic learning of notable events in history and the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong.  The children stepped inside the giant mobile dome and learnt all about human exploration to the moon, space history and notable events. It was a fantastic impactful experience which nurtured their curiosity.     


Trinity Theatre Ceremony

Last summer term, Trinity Theatre came in to our school and led a workshop, that the current year 4 students took part in. The theme was 'our older generation'.

On Wednesday Mrs Williams and two children, as representatives from Year 4, went to the ribbon cutting ceremony in the town centre. 

They said "I really enjoyed seeing everyone's pictures, especially mine!" and "I really loved the ribbon cutting and the photos being taken with the other special guests".

This celebration of local school children's artwork, is now displayed on the hoardings opposite Trinity Theatre. 



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