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Recent Letters Sent Home

This section will not include sport match letters or tournament letters as the information within can change (times, venue, cancellations etc.) and we feel this could be misleading.  Most sport events are by invitation only.  Please enquire at the office for clarification on sporting events.


October 2018

Years 5 & 6 - Lunchtime Book Club in Term 2

Whole School - Spelling Leaflet for Parents

Year 6 Larch - Swimming Lessons in Term 2, 2018

Years 2 & 4 - Forest School Lessons Term 2

Forest School Guide

Forest School Consent Form

September 2018

Year 6 - Residential Trip - Parents' Meeting Notes

Year 2 - Tunbridge Wells Museum Trip - 15th October

Years 3, 4,5 & 6 - Cross Country Event at Somerhill on 12th Oct

Whole School - Food and Fashion Festival - Tuesday, 9th October

Year R - Coffee Afternoon Invite on 28th September

Whole School - PSA Christmas Card for Children

Whole School - Parent Governor Elections:-

Parent Governor Letter

Parent Governor Form

Year 1 -Letter from Kent Community Health regarding children's hearing and vision screening

Whole School - Meet the Teacher Meetings

Whole School - PE Kits

Year 3 - Topic Work for this Term


July 2018

Whole School - Nourish payment on Gateway and Price Increases from September

Nursery in September - Lunch Club and Buy Ins - price increase and Gateway

Year R to Year 6 - Summer School Discos - 19th July

Year 6 - Beauty and the Beast Ticket Request Form

Year R - Planetarium Visit - 19th July

Year 4 - Planetarium Visit - 19th July


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