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Sports Funding

Evaluating the School’s Use of the New Primary School Sport Funding

Schools receive government funding to improve primary schools delivery of Physical Education (PE) and Sports. 

Sports Profile

Bishops Down School employs a specialist PE teacher to lead PE and sport across the school.  We have been able to increase Specialist PE teacher time from 2 days to 3 days per week in academic year 2017-18.    This has allowed time for team teaching, coaching and sharing good practice across the school.

We have continued our involvement in a large variety of Inter School competitions covering a range of sports across Key Stage 2 (hockey, netball, girls’ football, boys’ football, winter athletics, basketball, skiing, athletics, tennis, cricket and cross country). Match reports and team results are reported in our school newsletter, website and in celebration assembly.
We currently offer afterschool clubs, morning clubs and lunchtime clubs in all of the above sports over the year.  Bishops Down is extremely proud that we involve a wide variety of people in delivering these clubs. We currently use the expertise of 2 professional pay for coaches, teaching assistants, teachers, parents and governors.

We have a good relationship with the schools in the partnership and take part in a number of events organised by Hayesbrook School, Bennett Memorial School, local sports clubs and primary schools in the partnership.


We have Sports Mark Gold. The number of children taking part in extracurricular sport continues to rise and we have raised the maximum number of children in each sports club to accommodate this.  We have been able to raise the number on register through allocating an extra adult helper and also through using sports and DofE leaders from local secondary schools.


% of children taking part in extracurricular sport

Sept 2014-2015 73% of year 5-6 children took part in extracurricular sport and a total of 65% over the entire kS2.
Sept 2015-2016 81% of year 5-6 children took part in extracurricular sport and a total of 56% over the entire KS2. We saw a drop over yr 3-4 due to the increase in the size of the school meaning less spaces available for yr 3-4.






% of pupil premium children taking part in extracurricular sport

Sept 2015-2016 46% of pupil premium children took part in extracurricular sport
Sept 2016-March 2017 69% of pupil premium children have signed up for extracurricular sport.

This year we are continuing with Active club which is an inclusive club that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. This club targets children who are semi-sporty, less active, low self-confidence or may have additional needs that have stopped them accessing other sports programmes.

Please click on the link below to find out how we have spent our sports funding so far and what we intend to spend it on in future.

Funding 2015/16

Funding 2016/17

Funding 2017/18



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