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Year 6 Residential Report

On the 9th of June, Year 6 went on a residential trip to Belchamps Scout Activity Centre in Essex. Many classes before us have been there but we don’t think they have had such a great time as we had!

We had to be at school by 8:20 am, once everyone was here, that was time when the excitement kicked in!!! We walked down our school to the coach, got in and found a place to sit (our luggage was already loaded into the coach). After everyone was seated, we set off on our trip and the best time of our lives! The coach journey took roughly 2 hours- 2 hours and ½. But that didn’t bother us! Halfway through the journey, a film was put on! The film was The Jungle Book and we all had a great time singing ‘The Bear Necessities’ all the way to Belchamps!!!

When the coach trip was over, we all went to our dormitories and unpacked. Then we
had a quick tour of Belchamps. After that we started our activities with our instructors.
Our instructors were: Hal, Jordan and Sheepy. Hal was great fun, Jordan was amazing and Sheepy was epic! The instructors were great and we all loved them!

The activities were: Bungee Run, Shelter, Building, Wobbly Pole, Traversing Elements, Leap of  Faith, High All Aboard, Human Table Football, Push  Ball, Water Walkers, Abseiling, Assault Course, Rock Climbing, Air Pistol Shooting, Mini Olympics, Man Hunt, Limbo contest, Pedal Karts, Geocaching. We also had hot chocolate and cookies every night!

The activities were super fun! The top 5 were: Leap of faith, Water Walkers, Geocaching, Traversing elements and Assault Course! The Leap of faith was VERY high and exciting! Just thinking about it makes your teeth chatter!!! The Water Walkers were AMAZING!!! You could do all sorts of things in them- Rolls and flips!!! Geocaching was Brilliant! You were given this GPS machine and it would lead you to a letter which, if you find all of the letters, spells out a word! Traversing Elements and the Assault Course was nothing but fun! You would get very MUDDY on the Assault Course and very SCARED on Traversing Elements!

Our trip was one of the best experiences in our lives and we are sure that it will be a great memory for the future Y6 trips!!!!
By Zara and Harry C 

Year 5 residential trip, 5th and 6th of June 2014

The camp was not what I pictured, but just the thrill of being away with school, made me love it even more. Lili

The dense forest floor was alive as it crackled and hissed at us. Ishbel

We were also given consent to play in the bracken, hedges and stingy nettles; it was great. Ben

I loved the freedom of the woods. The towering bracken that stood like soldiers while we battled to bring them down made us feel like we were truly surviving. Mattie

We played this game called predator that was spiffing. Later, when it was dark, we had marshmallows and hot chocolate. Jack

Predator is a game where you have to get to a tree in the middle of bracken and bushes. When the game first started I felt really nervous but after the first round, it was my favourite game I had ever played. Laurie

In our tribes, we all made a dance. Our tribe’s name was potatoes and the other tribe was called Caveman’s mini minions. It was a draw but we all had so much fun. Matt

In the evening, when the sun was going down, the sky turned a bright orange. All the foliage went darker and the sun became bigger. Stars started to come out and so did some animals. Izzie

In the afternoon sunlight, we began to build dens with ferns and sticks. After we enjoyed tea, the light began to dwindle and we hit the sack. Alfred

We learned to make fire with flint and steel. Fifteen minutes later, we were cooking lamb kebabs over the fire. Callum

We had the choice of sleeping in a tent or shelter. Most people slept in the tent although it was as comfortable in the shelter as it was in the tent. Millie

To camouflage ourselves, we painted our faces with green, brown and black face paints. We also stuck bracken and leaves down our tops and in our pockets. We learnt how to walk silently. You have to walk heel first then roll to your toes. Alysia

I would definitely go again and I would recommend Year 4 go next year. Amy    


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