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Marvelous Movie Megastars: Year 4 delve into the world of film!

On Friday 26th September 2014, Year 4 were  treated to  a spectacular, show-stopping day!

Mike,a director and Chris, a producer,visited Sycamore and Hazel, engaging them with their knowledge of all things film! After becoming immersed into the film and advert world, Year 4 courageously became up-and-coming actors and actresses, starring in their very own adaptation of Matilda. All we can say is WOW – Hollywood, watch out! Exclusive viewing coming soon…

A huge thanks to Mike and Chris, from everybody in Year 4!

Quotes of the day:                                     

“I couldn’t believe how long it took animators to create an animal for a scene – 5 weeks!!!” – Heather

“I want to star in an advert one day. The money’s great!” – Charlie

“Mike brought in some amazing props. Dredd’s helmet was astonishing.” – Josh

“When the director said ‘action’, we had to be silent.” – Poppy

“Editing is putting all the different parts of the film together.” - Oliver S-W

“It was the most fascinating lesson of my life!” – Anna

Reported by Sycamore Class


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