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What's been happening so far in Term 2?

Year 2 Trip to Tunbridge Wells Museum

On Tuesday, 15th November our Year 2 children visited The Tunbridge Wells Museum. 

Lennox said "The man in the museum helped us to learn what it was like in Tunbridge Wells in the past.  I really liked looking at the shoe that Lord North made that stopped your shoes from getting muddy!"

Barnaby said "Finding out about The Pantiles was really interesting.  The path in The Pantiles was very rough and dirty.  That's when they made The Pantiles for people to walk along.  But, after 10 years the tiles were replaced.  There are still 4 pantiles to find.   I want to find them next time I go to The Pantiles".

Our thanks to all our parent volunteers who helped us make this trip possible.

Year 5 Trip to The London Eye and Tate Modern

On Monday, 14th November, Year 5 had an exciting trip to London to visit The London Eye and The Tate Modern.   As part of their Learning Journey the children have been reading the book The London Eye Mystery, a novel by English author Siobhan Dowd.   It tells the story of how Ted, a boy with Asperger syndrome, solves the mystery of how his cousin seemingly vanishes from inside a sealed capsule on the London Eye!!   A big thanks to our staff and parent volunteers for making sure the children had a fantastic trip.


Year 6 Residential

Year 6 left Tunbridge Wells on 31st October for their 5 day residential trip in Wales.  They arrived safely and their first treat was a trip to Pensarn Harbour!   You can view photographs of their wonderful trip under the Children tab/Photo Galleries/Year 6 Trip 2016.


Assessment Data

Bishops Down Assessment Data Compared to Kent and National Data 2016 can be viewed by clicking here.   Please also look at School Results under the Information tab above for more data outcomes for our pupils.



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