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Welcome to Bishops Down

"Discovering and learning together"

Bring your Dad to School Day

Below are some of the comments that the Dad's made about their experience as they returned to school!

"Thanks so much for the opportunity to see the school in action. I have learnt how fun learning can be and am impressed how engaged the class is. They all seem very happy and engaged with each other and have a lovely community"

"Excellent, please keep doing these days"

"Absolutely loved being here. Great to see what everyone does. Thank you again for the opportunity"

"Thank you for the the opportunity to spend time with my child at school. It has been well worth taking a day off work, and I would welcome the change to do it again in the future"

"Fantastic to spend time with my child in class. I certainly couldn't be a teacher! It's great to see how play and learning blend together"

"Lovely idea to have the Dads at school. Really enjoyed the lesson I was in, well behaved children and great to see what actually happens in a world we don't normally know"

"Great fun, great to get involved would love to do more! Proud children and proud Dads! Keep up the good work" 

Maths Day by Emily Year 6

Last Monday (the 10th of March) all of Bishops Down took part in an ingenious idea: maths day. This sounds an incredibly dull, boring and geeky idea, but everyone who took part can privately agree it was fairly fun!

The event kicked off before the day had even started as we were all told we had to make a maths hat for homework (I say hats but classes created maths shirts and ties as well).

Parents were told to come into the playground and watch us all do a maths parade, so they all flooded into the playground and took their places.

I had to admire the originality of all the hats and I think everyone had put a fair bit of effort in, There was everything from fairy tale pink hats to mad hatter hats like mine.

Everyone was a little bit befuddled when they saw the six blushing parents sitting at the front of the hall, (one of which was my dad!). With their glasses of water and slightly puzzled expression I thought they looked like something out of Dragons’ Den.

Well it turned out that we weren’t going to have to impress them with weird and wonderful contraptions they were going to tell us about their jobs and how they use maths. According to Mrs Affleck (the Deputy Head) when someone asked us who uses maths the only things people could think of were when you go shopping.

So first up was Rev. Steve and he told us how he needed to use maths for the churches budgets and needed to tell the time as he wouldn’t want to turn up late.Secondly was Kirsty who told us that she was a lawyer and she needed maths to work out mortgages and things like that.Next was Charlie, who is a gardener, and who needs maths to work out how many seeds to plant and how much money she needs to get paid.After that was Naomi who talked about how she works with statistics.Last but certainly not least was my dad, Graham. He talked about how he never really thought maths was important, so when he went off and joined the police, he thought it would all be cops and robbers. Though in reality, criminals need checking up on at certain time which is different for each person. So he quit the police and went travelling with his wife and children and thought he would be safe from maths there. He couldn’t have been more wrong as he needed maths for all sorts of things from petrol to map reading. So when he came back home he decided that he would have to face the fact that maths was everywhere and so he got a job doing police data bases which he believes has saved hundreds of lives.

After that we took part in a maths relay. Our groups’ strategy was to give every person one question and if 1 person finished before the rest than they would help the other people. We worked in groups of three supported by a Year 10 boy from Skinners’ School.

After the day, some children who were asked about maths day, one said that their favourite part was making the wacky maths hats, and another that they would happily do it again.

As I have already said, I thought it was a great idea and I think everyone agreed!

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