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Disability Awareness Day

Dear Jane, Dan and Staff,

Wow, what a triumph!

Brilliant organisation Jane, and  a huge commitment, by every member of staff, to ensure that this day was a day filled with unforgettable experiences that helped to develop a real awareness and understanding of disabilities, both visible and hidden.

Some of the Activities:

In the hall and outside, the range of experiences included equipment for the physically disabled  and visually impaired, such as wheelchairs, walkers and walking sticks; blindfolds and a cane with opportunities to be a guided and to be guide, around an obstacle course. Inclusive games, including Boccia, were provided on the front field.

In the classrooms, the children were invited to try reading Braille, lip reading and one handed modelling (with plasticine). To demonstrate hidden disabilities such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and autistic spectrum disorders, the children tried writing with their non-preferred hands and their feet; reading reversed words, with reversed letters, from right to left and they listened to a story with a range of distractions (tambourine, waving cloth, a second story started a few minutes into the initial story).

During the morning a diabetes nurse gave a talk about what it means to be diabetic and Harry the reading dog was in attendance during the day. A young man with cerebral palsy, who is a power chair user and has a carer to meet his needs, talked to the children about difference, his early years and how he lives a good and happy life, from which came insightful comments from even the youngest children.

Every child in the school, from Nursery to Y6, shared the day's experiences and comments from the children demonstrated how positive the experiences had been.

And the sun shone too!

On behalf of the Governors I would like to thank the staff for making the day such a great experience for all with a special 'Thank you' to Jane Clement for organising an outstanding event.

Best wishes,


Elephants Tea Party

In the afternoon 6 children in Mulberry class took part in an adults tea party. They had a drink, sandwich and cake all the teachers enjoyed raising money for Child Bereavement UK.

We have also been learning about Elephants in PSHE, we are saying a big thank you to Mrs Kyte for organising it.


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