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Year R- Chestnut


Welcome to Chestnut Class
Academic Year 2019-2020

Our Class Teacher is Mrs Claire Edmondson - Tuesday to Friday

and Mrs Tara Bell every Monday

Drop In:  Friday


There is one spacious Reception classroom and a fantastic outdoor area. The outdoor area is shared with the Nursery. In Reception we operate an open door policy; this means that the children can access activities inside and outside the classroom throughout the day.
The adults within the classroom interact alongside the children scaffolding their learning based on the children’s interests and ideas.

In our classroom we have a home corner, a quiet area, an investigation area, a creative area, a writing bench as well as a maths area. There are opportunities for a full range of activities.
The outdoors is full of learning experiences where we can dig in the digging area, make castles in the sand, play with soap bubbles in the water, climb and run on the mound and through the willow tunnel, ride bikes, trikes and scooters, share a book with a friend and always have lots of fun!

We love to learn through self-chosen play based activities in a calm, secure environment. Our aim is for our children to be active, motivated and independent learners.




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