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Special Educational Needs and/or Disability

Bishops Down Primary School is committed to removing barriers to achievement for children who may require additional provision and resources to support their learning.

We are an inclusive school and believe that all children, including those identified as having special educational needs and/or a disability, have a common entitlement to a broad, balanced academic and social curriculum. The curriculum should be accessible and include every child in all aspects of school life.

We have a specialist resourced provision for physically disabled and complex medical needs children and are striving to develop our outreach offer linked to our specialism.

The Special Educational Needs Code of Practice lies at the heart of our school’s SEND policy and sets out the processes and procedures that all organisations should follow to meet the needs of children. The Code describes a graduated approach that recognises that children learn in different ways and can have different kinds of SEND.

We work hard as a community ensuring a whole school ethos of inclusion where:

  • All children are actively involved in all activities throughout the day.

  • Time out of the class away from peers is minimised.

  • Equipment and strategies are adapted to ensure equal accessibility to all.

  • Discrete adult support is given to promote independence, appropriate socialisation and to avoid learnt dependency.

  • Opportunities are continually explored for all children to have a voice and shine and experience a creative and fun curriculum.

Useful Information:

Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy

Accessibility Plan

Accessibility Plan Spreadsheet

SEND Annual Report of Impact

SEND Information Report


Clicker 7 Licence and Parent Workshops 2016

Bishops Down Primary School has purchased a Clicker 7 OneSchool Site License, we are pleased to provide a single computer license for all children to use on a home computer. 

Clicker has been proven to support children in developing their reading and writing skills.  Clicker 7 builds on previous versions of this much-loved software to provide the ultimate literacy toolkit.   We are using Clicker as targetting support for a number of children with additional needs, including dyslexia and physical disabilities.  We are also pleased to offer this software  to all the children within our school community.

We had two very successful training Clicker 7 Workshops for parents in November 2016.  As all our parents have licenses to use Clicker 7 at home through our package we are really looking forward to raising the profile of Clicker 7.   Thanks to all the parents for coming along and we look forward to the next workshop date!


Disability Awareness Day 2016

On Monday 17th October 2016 Bishops Down Primary School took part in a Disability Awareness Day. The reason for the day firstly, was to celebrate our strengths and the things that make us unique. We are so proud of our inclusive school and the range of needs we make superb provision for.

1.   To highlight everyday barriers
2.   To underline the idea of respecting differences between people
3.   To understand that there are laws and obligations around this (Equality Act, etc)
4.   To be able to reflect on our strengths and difficulties

The school welcomed two visitors from Valence School, Jake and Kirsty. They are both 18 and use power chairs. Jake and Kirsty visited year 5, 4, and 3 to have question and answer sessions. The children from BD were thoughtful and reflective. Jake and Kirsty were inspiring, honest and confident. It was an incredibly moving day.

All the classes took part in different activities to explore different forms of disability, including  visual impairment, physical disability, hearing impairment, dyslexia and dyspraxia. The children reflected on their learning and enjoyed taking ‘thought bubbles’ home to share their experiences with their families.

Carlo in Hazel class commented: ‘People with disability are no different to us. We can all do a lot of things. Nothing is impossible, always believe in yourself’.


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