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Reports and Events 2016-2017

Term 1

Food and Fashion Festival
On Friday, 21st October the school hosted its first ever Food & Fashion Festival! We are so fortunate to have a multi-cultural community here at Bishops Down and we can’t wait to celebrate all of our cultures through food and fashion!    Children turned up for school dressed in clothes from a culture that they picked - below is a photo of children chosen from each class who they thought looked fantastic!

At the end of the day each classroom was designated a different country, parents and children were able to try a variety traditional foods from all over the world.   Thank you to all our staff, parents and children for dressing up and making such amazing cultural food dishes.  We all had a great time.  

Disability Awareness Day

On Monday 17th October Bishops Down Primary School took part in a Disability Awareness Day. The reason for the day firstly, was to celebrate our strengths and the things that make us unique. We are so proud of our inclusive school and the range of needs we make superb provision for.

1.   To highlight everyday barriers
2.   To underline the idea of respecting differences between people
3.   To understand that there are laws and obligations around this (Equality Act, etc)
4.   To be able to reflect on our strengths and difficulties

The school welcomed two visitors from Valence School, Jake and Kirsty. They are both 18 and use power chairs. Jake and Kirsty visited year 5, 4, and 3 to have question and answer sessions. The children from BD were thoughtful and reflective. Jake and Kirsty were inspiring, honest and confident. It was an incredibly moving day.
All the classes took part in different activities to explore different forms of disability, including  visual impairment, physical disability, hearing impairment, dyslexia and dyspraxia. The children reflected on their learning and enjoyed taking ‘thought bubbles’ home to share their experiences with their families.

Carlo in Hazel class commented: ‘People with disability are no different to us. We can all do a lot of things. Nothing is impossible, always believe in yourself’

Cross Country Tournament

Children from Bishops Down represented the school at the annual Cross Country Event at Somerhill School in Tonbridge on Friday, 7th October.   Well done team you did brilliantly!

Term 2

Year 2 Trip to Tunbridge Wells Museum

On Tuesday, 15th November our Year 2 children visited The Tunbridge Wells Museum.
Lennox said "The man in the museum helped us to learn what it was like in Tunbridge Wells in the past.  I really liked looking at the shoe that Lord North made that stopped your shoes from getting muddy!"

Barnaby said "Finding out about The Pantiles was really interesting.  The path in The Pantiles was very rough and dirty.  That's when they made The Pantiles for people to walk along.  But, after 10 years the tiles were replaced.  There are still 4 pantiles to find.   I want to find them next time I go to The Pantiles".  Our thanks to all our parent volunteers who helped us make this trip possible.

Year 6 Residential

Year 6 left Tunbridge Wells on 31st October for their 5 day residential trip in Wales.  They arrived safely and their first treat was a trip to Pensarn Harbour!   You can view photographs of their wonderful trip under the Children tab/Photo Galleries/Year 6 Trip 2016.

Term 3

Year 2 and Reptile Visit

Year 2 were visited on Tuesday, 24th January by Reptile Razzmatazz as part of their science lessons on Creatures and Habitats.  The children enjoyed learning about all the creatures and will be writing up their reports on this topic.

Young Voices

On Monday 16th January 2017, the very talented KS2 Choir took to the stage at The 02 Arena with some of the best live entertainment in the world! They joined forces with numerous choirs across England, to form the world's largest choir 'Young Voices'.
The children sang their hearts out (as the professionals we know they are) alongside the fantastic choir staff and parents that joined them.
"I am so incredibly proud of every single individual that took part. I hope that this will remain a life-long memory and a life-long ambition!" Mrs Wilson, Music Co-Ordinator


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