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Reports and Events 2015-2016

Football Report

On 3rd March 2016, both Bishops Down's teams played St James' away.  The A team played first and unfortunately, after a close-fought match, lost 3-2.

Next, the B team played and although we were all doing extremely well, they managed to bundle in a goal, so overall we lost that game 1-0.

The star players were Ethan, for his two amazing goals in the first game, and William because he got really stuck in so much so that he lost a tooth.

Bishops Down Ski Team

The Bishops Down Ski team (Alex, Isobel, Lila and Teddy) attended Bromley dry ski slope bright and early (there by 8am) on Sunday morning for the English Schools' Ski Association qualifier race. We bought our tops which say on the back "School sucks- I'm going skiing" and had a practice before the actual race. We had two timed runs with all of us being about a second faster in the second race. Congratulations to Lila who finished 3rd overall in the whole of the under 12s girls section and 6th overall in the under 12s (there were over 50 of us) and she's only 8. She was super fast. Thank you also to Lindsay for organising this and the practice sessions. Isobel Year 5


Stunning Start by Redwood

Our first activity was to make warm clothes for Mrs Pain because she was really cold.

"The first week of Year 5 was very fun, particularly getting wrapped up in recycled things to be in a cold environment." Brodie

"I loved dressing up William in his warm costume." Lois

"I enjoyed making the clothes out of different material. It was so fun." Ella

"I think my favourite day was Monday when we made an outfit for Mrs Pain because it was so fun making it." Megan

"I liked making clothes to go on every body and reading our new book was so fun" Amber

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