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Children today need to be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow – at Bishops Down we believe that engaging practical science lessons throughout Primary school will help achieve this. Science is entering very exciting times at Bishops Down after embarking on a new direction in this vital curriculum area this year. In Key Stage 1 children will continue to have a weekly Science lesson following the Andrew Berry Kent Scheme alongside other local primary schools. Children will cover a range of engaging topics termly to ensure progression of key concepts and skills and allowing children to develop their scientific knowledge and vocabulary. The topics covered include Seasonal Change, Living things and their habitats, Everyday Materials and Animals.

Why learn science? It enable us to ask questions and answer questions about how the world works, it helps children to develop their problem solving skills, allows an awareness of technology and gives children the knowledge to protect and conserve the world around them.

In Key Stage 2 we are all really excited to be using the Empiribox Scheme which focuses on "nurturing future scientists" through enthralling practical science. Science is the highlight of the week for lots of children this year with engaging experiments, hands on learning and a real focus on developing children’s ability to work scientifically. Children follow the same topic across the key stage with lessons adapted to suit the year group. This term we are all learning about forces and have been creating rockets to study air resistance, balloon car racers to study friction and carrying out investigations holding cups of water upside down above their heads to demonstrate air pressure. Children have been predicting, planning experiments and recording their findings this term and teachers are seeing real progress in the children’s ability to work scientifically and draw conclusions from their own investigations.

We are all really enjoying our Science this year and looking forward to our next topic-States of Matter.



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