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Year R- Chestnut

Welcome to Chestnut class!

Our teacher is Mrs Debs Holliday and our Teaching Assistants are

Mrs Vanessa Ahmed, Mrs Deborah Chapple & Mrs Karen Gillham

Our Drop In Day for Parents is:  Thursday each week


There is one spacious Reception classroom and a fantastic outdoor area. The outdoor area is shared with the Nursery. In Reception we operate an open door policy; this means that the children can access activities inside and outside the classroom throughout the day.

The adults within the classroom work with the children in small groups on a variety of different activities.

In our classroom we have areas where we can paint, write, draw, make models, role-play, do puzzles, read, and much, much more! We have time in each day when we can "Plan, Do and Review" our own activities.

The children have access to musical instruments throughout the day, and they often choose to use instruments as part of their play.

Outside we can dig in the digging area, make castles in the sand, play with soap bubbles in the water, climb and run on the mound and through the willow tunnel, ride bikes, trikes and scooters, share a book with a friend in the reading boat and always have lots of fun!

We love to learn through play and our classrooms are bright and colourful, full of things to see and do.

Reception is a great place to be!

Term 2


Our topic in term 2 will be – Transport. We will also be participating in Nursery Rhyme week in week 2, and of course will be celebrating the Christmas season.

English – our Power of Reading text will be We’re going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen. We will be continuing with Read, Write, Inc to help us learn to read and write and will be practising both of those new skills. We will start to send home reading books this term.

Maths – Chestnut Class will be learning more about 2d shapes and will also be learning about money. Before the end of term, we will do some simple addition and subtraction (one more and one less).

Terms 3 and 4

Winter Wonderland

This term, we will be learning about all things cold and icy! This may include exploring what is ice, how do animals survive in the cold.


Our Power of Reading book will be Blue Penguin by Petr Horacek. We will be looking at this book, and others, to help us learn about penguins and other animals that live in the cold, and all about icey conditions. All of these activities will help us to continue our journey towards reading and writing simple sentences.


We will be continuing to learn our numbers, recognising them, placing them in order, writing them and manipulating the numbers by doing things such as sharing, simple addition and simple subtraction.  We will start to learn about 3d shapes all around us and learning about size, weight and capacity.

Term 5


We are zooming into space and learning about rockets, astronauts, and our solar system. 



We will be looking at a variety of picture books related to space this term as well as some space poetry.  We will be working towards writing words and whole sentences using our phonics knowledge.




It is important for children to recognise their numbers to 20, order them, count correctly and know the number before and after.  Children also need to know 2d and 3d shapes and describe them; use simple ways of measuring length, weight, size and time. (For example, order 3 items in height order).

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