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Year 5- Pine

Welcome to Year 5 Pine!

Our teacher is Mrs Debbie Wilson

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Sue Lester, Mrs Katie Baker,
Mrs Claire Richardson and Mrs Karen Gillham

Our Drop In Day for Parents is:  Thursday each week

Please click here to view the Powerpoint from the Secondary Transfer Information Meeting for year 5 parents held on Thursday, 20th April.

Term 2

Term 3


This term, Year 5 will be reading The Princess’ Blankets. Carol Ann Duffy’s powerful new fairy tale plumbs the heart of human fears, frailty and love, filled with atmospheric and beautiful paintings. Will Year 5 solve the Princess’ dilemma? Will the Princess ever make it out of her everlasting, internal coldness? Year 5 will debate about how they will solve the mystery, share their thoughts and ideas through a number of writing genres and show off their artistic sides when they create their very own ‘Princess’ Blanket’.

“A princess lived, once, who always cold…”

A young Princess who can never feel warm…

          A worried king and queen…

A stranger in black with hard, grey eyes…



This term we have an exciting new science topic; Chemistry! We hope that through these exciting and engaging lessons we can ignite a real ‘flame of enthusiasm’ (safely of course!)

From ancient Greece to the present day, mankind has puzzled over the nature of matter and why materials behave the way they do.

Particle theory helps to explain properties and behaviour of materials by providing a model which enables us to visualise what is happening on a very small scale inside those materials.

The lessons this term are split into two sequences; Particle Theory itself, and an introduction to simple chemical reactions.

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