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Year 5- Redwood

Welcome to Year 5 Redwood!

Our teachers are Mrs Rachel Cowell on a Monday and Friday and  Miss Sophie Hardman on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Alison Gebbie and Mrs Kate Smith

Our Drop In Day for Parents is:  Friday each week

Please click here to view the Powerpoint from the Secondary Transfer Information Meeting for year 5 parents held on Thursday, 20th April.


Term 2

Term 3

Term 5

Our Power of Reading Book is : Wolf Brother, Chronicles of Ancient Darkness


This term, Year 5 will be reading Wolf Brother, Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. Wolf Brother carries you back thousands of years to the ancient darkness of the Forest: to a world steeped in natural magic and elemental terror – a world in which trusting a friend means risking your life!
Torak is alone…wounded, terrified and on the run? Will Year 5 solve the mystery of the Death Journey? Will they stomach the brutal slaughter of a roe-buck? Will Torak escape Raven Camp…or will he be killed? Why can Torak understand the wolf cub – is he half human, half wolf?
Be prepared for inspiring, blood-chilling, adventurous writing through all genres this term, as Year 5 discover more and more about the journey Torak has begun…
This term Year 5 will be focusing on Measurement. This will include converting both metric and imperial units. We will be making the most of the fine weather by having an Active Maths lesson each week where we put our theory into practice with some fun learning tasks combined with a physical activity. We will be looking at calculating the area and perimeter of shapes and will be calculating volume and capacity.
Please encourage the children to practise their measuring skills home eg. planning a new kitchen layout and ask them to convert their measurements into different units. eg the fridge is 600mm wide, which converts to 60cm or 0.6m.
This term we are learning all about Plants and Photosynthesis. We will be continuing to develop our scientific skills with a focus on analysing and evaluating data. The children will be studying the process of germination, plants and flowers, life cycles, pollination, inside a leaf, trees and the work of Darwin. We will be making the most of our fantastic woods and green spaces to encourage the children to investigate the plants on our doorstep. We will continue to link our Maths and English to our science curriculum on our fascinating Friday Science days so we could be measuring roots and shoots and tracking their growth with our graph skills or developing our story writing based on the amazing Venus Fly Trap!


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