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Term 2

Term 2

Our topic is; Journey to the Arctic


“Turn your face into the east wind, and if you could see for ever you would see Ivan’s land. It is a land where summer is short and pale like a celandine; winter long and cold as an icicle. Ivan does not live there now for he grew old long ago, and is gone. But the people of Pine-Woods remember him. They remember him all the time, but most of all they remember him in winter because they are not afraid of winter anymore. They have no need to be afraid, because of something Ivan did when he was very small.”

  • Why were they afraid of winter?
  • Where is Pine-Woods?
  • Who is Ivan?
  • What did he do when he was very small?


In Science this term we are continuing the exciting Empiribox scheme of work. We are going to be focusing on forces and Magnets for the remainder of the Autumn term. Empiribox believe the only way for children to learn science is with fun and exciting practical experiments, inspiring children throughout their lives. These experiments are carefully chosen to explore fundamental science concepts, whilst enthralling the children!


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