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Year 4- Hazel

Welcome to Year 4 Hazel!

Our teacher is Miss Rebecca Hepden

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Liz Gripper

Please click on the the link for the Meet the Teacher PowerPoint

Our Drop In Day for Parents is:  Thursday each week


Term 1

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Term 5

Our Power of Reading Text for this term is: Stay where you are and then leave

by John Boyne.


Stay Where You Are & Then Leave is the tale of Alfie Summerfield, a boy whose father is swept up in the excitement of August 1914 and joins the army. Alfie's dad writes to his wife and son from the trenches, but after a couple of years the letters stop coming. According to Alfie's mum, that's because dad is "on a secret mission for the government". Alfie, however, suspects she might be lying and sets out to uncover the truth. At first he doesn't get far in unravelling the mystery. Times are hard: his mum works as a nurse but can't make ends meet, so Alfie starts bunking off school to help out, earning money as a shoeshine boy at King's Cross station. Then he has an amazing stroke of luck: one of his customers is an army doctor whose papers are blown away by the wind; Alfie helps to retrieve them, and in the process discovers the true whereabouts of his father.

The children will have the opportunity to write in role, draft and write poetry, diary entries, telegram, propaganda posters, argument, instruction writing.  Through discussions, conscience alley and hot seating the children will delve deeper into the understanding of each character and the effect of the war on everyone’s lives.


In Summer 1, Year 4 will be learning about measurement, angles, shapes, position and direction.  We will have one lesson of practical Maths to introduce each of the subjects taught. Next we will solve reasoning and problem solving exercises for each term objective and we will end each week with a recap Maths Meeting lesson, in which children will have the opportunity to revise all the Maths objectives learnt since the beginning of year 4.


Our Science topic in Summer 1 is ‘Plants’ and “Photosynthesis”. We will be learning about different types of plants, photosynthesis process, seedling and growing plants. We will be discussing efficient ways to grow plants by planning, collecting and interpreting data.

Term 6

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