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Sycamore Term 6

This term our text will be

‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cottrell Boyce.


‘Liam Digby is an ordinary twelve-year-old. A very, very TALL ordinary twelve-year-old. Some people even think he’s grown up. This is the incredible story of how he told some fibs, nearly stole a Porsche, went to a theme park and sort of by accident ended up in space.’


In Summer 2, Year 4 will be covering statistics and measurement. We will be interpreting and presenting continuous and discrete data using a variety of graphs. We will be recapping how to find the perimeter and area of shapes. We will continue convert between units of measure.

Like other terms, we will continue to have maths meetings which recap all previous year 4 learning and maths passports which will be predominantly tested on a Friday.


Our Science topic in Summer term is ‘Plants’ and “Photosynthesis”. We will be learning about different types of plants, photosynthesis process, seedling and growing plants. We will be discussing efficient ways to grow plants by planning, collecting and interpreting data.

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