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Nursery Curriculum

Welcome to our special Nursery where through play, talk and first hand experiences we offer each child the opportunity to learn, develop and grow in a happy, secure and exciting environment with the help of trained and experienced staff.

Our Nursery teachers are Alison Wilsmhurst and Claire Edmondson. Vicki,Louise, Anna and Tracey are our helpers.

We know that the early years are special years and our emphasis at this stage is learning through play, both indoors and outdoors. Our role is to share the joy and wonder of the world around us and to encourage the enjoyment that discovery brings.

Each child is offered 5 sessions; a combination of morning and afternons or full days. The morning sessions run from 8.45am-11.45am, the afternoon sessions run from 12.30pm-3.30pm and full day sessions run from 8.45am-3.30pm.

If your child is staying for a full day lunch is £2.00.  We also offer a Nursery Lunch club adding another 45 minutes to either a morning or afternoon session. There is a charge of £4.75, this includes the price of a school lunch and £2.75 for staffing.

Children may also come to the breakfast and afterschool club.  Breakfast club opens at 7.50am and afterschool club runs until 6pm.

We have a well resourced large, light classroom space which is divided into different areas to explore and discover.

We have areas for writing, drawing, reading, sticking and making, painting, water play, messy play, small world play and construction, role play and computer play.

We also have an equally beautiful outdoor area which we share with the Reception class. Outdoors we choose resources carefully in order to provide a range of experiences across the curriculum areas. Children have access to their own garden, where they take an active role in designing areas of the garden and growing and looking after different plants.


The children also have opportunities each day to explore construction materials, sand, water, BIG play on bikes, trikes and scooters, small world play and role play.

We have a free flow policy which means that Nursery and Reception children can go into each other’s classrooms and develop relationships and explore activities together.

There is so much to do!

Pretend, draw, write, saw, hammer, stick, cut, make, build, explore, investigate, experiment, listen, look, read, count, talk, dig, grow, compost, eat, drink, taste, smell, cook, jump, climb, run, hop, ride, park, bounce, kick, throw, touch, splash, feel, think, sing, dance, paint and much more!

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